We Preach Christ Crucified

Our Beliefs

What We Believe

God made the world, and us, and intended us to enjoy it and look after it, having a fulfilling and peaceful relationship with Himself and others. But we make mistakes and don't live our lives as we should. God calls that 'sin'. It is our sin that ruins our relationship with Him.

Jesus paid the price...

... Because Jesus died in our place on the cross, paying the ultimate price for our sin, it became possible for us to get back to a right relationship with God, giving us the chance to start again. Being a Christian means to trust in what Jesus has done for us on the cross, to ask for forgiveness and follow Him daily with the strength that we receive from the Holy Spirit.

We believe that through special inspiration God has provided the Holy Bible for us, and that it contains all we need to teach and guide us in our lives and to have that right relationship with Him.